CranioSacral therapy is great for headaches, especially longterm headaches that no longer respond well to other medical approaches.

I work with the membranes around the spine and brain.  Injuries can create tiny stuck areas in this membrane that pull on the surrounding membranes. That pulling is passed along until it reaches a weak spot that screams.


Tight shrink wrap can squish the brain a little, or clamp down on blood flow deep in the brain. By finding stuck spots and teasing them apart, I can relieve the pulling and improve blood flow.

Or maybe your neck muscles have trigger points, which are tiny areas — the size of a lentil, often — that are tight and don’t let go.  Blood vessels get to the brain by weaving between neck muscles.  Tense neck muscles squeeze down on blood vessels, making it harder for blood to get up to the brain, or backing up fluid flow from the brain to the body.

Trigger points and pulling of shrink wrap are soft tissue issues that don’t show up on X-rays or MRIs.  They can work against your chiropractic adjustments, pulling bones out of line again. If the pulling is severe enough, it can cause seizures.

CST can really help reduce headaches.  And it’s very relaxing. You’ll definitely snore.  Maybe even drool.