What my clients say about CranioSacral Therapy

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“When I saw Amy Hanson, I told her about a mild head injury I had sustained in 1998.  She couldn’t get my left skull bone to move, so she started checking the rest of my body.  Once she got to my left knee/lower leg, she asked “what’s going on here?”  I told her that I had gone down on my motorcycle in 2009 and slid about 45 feet on I-405.  She worked the leg, then my left skull bone was freed up, and she was able to finish the treatment successfully.  Since then, over the past 2 days, I’ve only had 7-3/4 hours of sleep combined yet I HAVE MORE ENERGY and feel better than I have in years!  There  is definitely something to what she does.” MP

“I thought I should tell you how amazed I was at my son’s behavior after we left your office yesterday.  He tends to perseverate on what is coming next and he often grabs my coat in the car, which means he wants to talk about what is happening next.  We often talk about it over and over and over.  I told him as we were walking out that we were going back to Grandma’s.  He never once pulled my coat on the drive back.  This seems like a little thing, but it is huge.  He also knew we were driving back home today.  This usually means he packs his bag and waits with it until we leave because that is what we are doing next.  When we got back to Grandma’s, he ate lunch, he vacuumed, he hung out with the rest of the family.  He never packed his bag.  He didn’t worry because we hadn’t put the bed away.  He was extremely unworried about what was coming next.  This was twice as amazing because I forgot to bring his medicine with me.  He takes a daily anti-anxiety medicine and I can usually tell if he has missed his dose.  Not today.  Thank you!” KB

“I’ve had 19 years of having less than 60% rotation in my shoulder from a rotator cuff injury. Amy worked with me and now I can scratch my shoulder blades — before, I could only scratch my butt.  Now I have more than 85% rotation.  It helps me with physical therapy because I have more range of motion to work with.” 

“Amy did craniosacral with me when my lower back seized up for no apparent reason. I have had problems with my lower back for many years, but never this severe.  I tried massage and chiropractic and got temporary release but it kept recurring.  The session was amazing and different–as if my body was trying to talk to me through the pain. Pay attention, pay attention! Because I trusted Amy completely I went with the process.  The pain never returned!”

“Amy Hanson suggested I try her thing for a general feeling of sluggishness, lack of pep and energy. It was a relaxing sensation but at the same time invigorating; like feeling the poisons wash out of my body.  I felt refreshed.”

“I had one session with Amy, and it was weird and awesome! Weird because I don’t understand how she does it, but awesome because it was incredibly helpful! I went in with this odd, chronic pain in my left thumb. For a few months it had been really sore. After that visit the pain decreased significantly, and within a few days it was gone and never returned. Also, as far back as I can remember I haven’t had any movement in my tailbone. I didn’t mention it simply because it never crossed my mind. She knew though, which was amazing! I don’t really understand how craniosacral works, but I had a fabulous experience and would visit Amy again in a heartbeat.”

“My family has been treated by Amy for the past few years for various medical challenges. Amy has worked diligently to help our daughter with chronic neck and back pain, providing the ONLY relief she has ever had (after countless other forms of treatment). Amy is a true professional whose compassion and intellect make for the perfect combination in a healthcare provider. She obviously takes extra time to not only learn about our individual conditions, but is experienced enough to apply a variety of techniques, depending on our needs. I have recommended Amy to family and friends, and will continue to do so.”

“Amy’s gentle touch was just what I needed. Suffering from low back pain that had migrated to the top of my feet, I had begun to find walking somewhat ‘thorny’. Amy’s relaxed massage was completely non-invasive and quite restful. I found that after my first massage, the pain in my left foot had entirely vanished. Looking forward to seeing her again!!”

“Amy’s touch is almost like magic, the perfect complement to physical therapy.  She was able to loosen things up and get them moving again when physical therapy alone couldn’t do it.” DQ“For a long time, I convinced myself that deep-tissue massage was the most effective in alleviating my lower back pain.  Experiencing cranioscral therapy has proven me otherwise.  The initial tightness and discomfort I felt has now subsided due to Amy’s expertise.  Her strategic application of massages to various parts of the body (her knowledge of human anatomy is impressive and it shows!) along with the cradling of my neck and spine, all worked harmoniously to address my pain.  Furthermore, it induces a state of relaxation akin to getting hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I would advise anyone considering this therapy to relax, be open-minded, and let Amy take care of the rest! She will address what ails you.”

“Amy is amazing!  Amy has a great understanding of the body and how things are all connected. She has a wonderful calm energy that immediately puts you at ease.  In addition to all that, Amy has developed an intuitive healing touch and the ability to feel energy and other pulses for deep healing.”

“Craniosacral Therapy? I couldn’t even say it, let alone spell it.  I have 2 compressed disks in my neck and I was reluctant to let anyone touch it. I was in constant pain but after only one 1-hour treatment, the pain was greatly alleviated.”

“When I was first told about Craniosacral Therapy, I did not know what to think of it at the time.  All that I knew was the fact that I was having severe pain in my right shoulder to the point that it would wake me up in the middle of the night.  Well, Amy asked me if I would mind trying Craniosacral Therapy and I told her ‘Sure, why not? If it worked, that would be great.’  All I can say about the experience is it was very shocking.  You could actually feel the muscles in the shoulder being sort of manipulated, heat being pulled out of it also.  At one point, the pain started to increase, then just as quickly went away.  Over the next day or two, my shoulder pain greatly decreased to the point that I wasn’t being woken up at night anymore.  I would recommend this to anyone that is suffering with muscle or joint pain.” JW